Why Teach Music to Little Children?

Music is intrinsically important as an essential part of education. It's a source of joy to children and adults alike. If you need to justify teaching music in a wider sense, here are some additional reasons:

Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural Development

Music is an activity that promotes children's all-round development. It especially offers opportunities for social development and I've made sure there are pieces of music to listen to that will broaden children's perspectives, some classical and some from a range of countries and cultures.

Personal, Social, Emotional and Character Development

Music is a great way of helping children to grow personally. Singing together is a great bonding activity for class cohesion, and working in groups requires co-operation, encouraging musical and linguistic communication.

Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design

The cross-curricular suggestions at the end of each unit contribute towards making Music Playtime an all-round educational resource that supports other important areas of the curriculum. The imagination and expressiveness that children bring to music-making immeasurably enhance their whole, future lives.

India Fingers


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