What People Say about the Music Playtime Scheme

What the experts say about Music Playtime

Lancashire Teacher, Rosie Harrison

EYFS & KS1 Music Teacher and Consultant, Karen Marshall

This is an outstanding (using Ofsted speak) music education resource where the love of music is at its very essence. As a practitioner myself in this area for nearly 30 years there are plenty of new ideas that I will be introducing into my school in the future! Fun, practical, easy to use, with high quality graphics, videos and sound files, I am sure it will inspire a whole new generation of children in their musical journeys. Many congratulations to Sandy and her team (many of them children) on bringing this all together and making it happen. It’s a real achievement.

– Karen Marshall - EYFS & KS1 Music Educator and Consultant, Extract from Music Teacher magazine review, May 2020

Music Education Consultant & Former OFSTED Inspector, Richard Crozier

Music Playtime is an excellent resource for teachers working with Nursery or Key Stage 1 children because it provides everything that is necessary for an effective learning experience and can be used confidently by someone who doesn’t feel too sure of themselves in a musical environment.

It’s topic-based, rather than music-based, so from an adult’s perspective goes from the known, to the less well-known. The activities that the children take part in help them to explore and learn about all the essential elements of music and it’s done in a safe and non-threatening way. Through engaging in music-making children will acquire basic musical skills and teachers will gain confidence in this aspect of the curriculum.

When children work together in music they also develop listening skills, gain experience of working co-operatively and how to respond to a cue - all vital components for becoming musically adept. Learning music musically, through Music Playtime, will not only help children understand more about music, but also enhance their overall skills as learners.

– Richard Crozier, Music Education Consultant

Reception Teacher in a UK Primary School, Emily Jones

I started using Music Playtime recently, after learning an enormous amount from the demo videos during the school closures due to lockdown - it was like going on a CPD course while staying at home! I don’t have much of a musical background but at last I feel confident to be teaching music, there are loads of different ideas (not just singing) and the children are loving the activities. I can’t recommend it enough!

– Emily Jones, Primary School Teacher (Reception)

Music Educationist & Retired OFSTED Inspector, Howard Seymour

Sandy Holland and her associates are to be congratulated on the production of Music Playtime. I am sure it will prove to be an invaluable resource to all those working with Early Years and Key Stage 1 children. It will be a boon to busy teachers, specialists and non-specialists alike, who need a resource which will provide children with enjoyable musical experiences as well as a sound foundation for musical growth. Its many topics, each with six distinct focuses and target outcomes, are very appealing. The sheer quality and level of imagination of the material is outstanding. One needs to look no further than 'Copy Cats' in the Creative tab of the 'Ourselves and our Friends' unit to see how excellent this resource is. I recommend it most enthusiastically!

– Howard Seymour, Music Educationist & Retired Ofsted Inspector


University Lecturer in Primary Music Education in UK and USA, Dr Philip Tate

The video demonstrations of music teaching and learning make Music Playtime unique in its accessibility to interested parents as well as to teachers. The friendly approach will be welcomed by practising EYFS and KS1 educators who want to feel more confident about music teaching and every institution that offers teacher training should recommend Music Playtime to their primary teaching trainees. The quality, presentation and scope of Music Playtime are remarkable and it will prove invaluable for music curriculum leaders looking for inspiration. Highly recommended!

– Dr Philip Tate, Former Primary Music Teacher & University Lecturer in Primary Music Education in UK and USA


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